Lofoten Ski Lodge is run by Northern Alpine Guides together with Nyvågar rorbuer.

Northern Alpine Guides and Nyvågar are a perfect match. Together we take advantage of Northern Alpine Guides skilled mountain guides and Nyvågar`s amazing facilities and crew. The result is the ultimate ski lodge for skiers from all over the world.

This historical place was one of the biggest fishing villages in the early 1800 and many fishermen from all over Norway would stay here during the fishing season. The traditional fishing boats are now changed with powder skis and today we are hunting soft snow and amazing views.

We all have a personal interest in good healthy food and lifestyle, beer and wine, powder snow and in sharing our love for the nature and Lofoten.

All our guides and staff are hand picked and reflect our standard of professionalism. We also hand pick the objects and activities we offer, and we are passionate about human powered adventures.

You will meet a friendly and inspiring staff and other guests with plenty of stories, adventure spirits and competence.

Well, who are Northern Alpine Guides?

Northern Alpine Guides are a company of extremely experienced IFMGA guides. All the guides who work for Northern Alpine Guides have gone through extensive training in the art of guiding. Mountain Guiding is a profession we believe should be taken very seriously. Continued education, accreditation, and certification is important to us and we choose our guides accordingly.

Northern Alpine Guides

Seth Hobby
IFMGA Guide & Owner of Northern Alpine

Seth is the owner of Northern Alpine Guides together with his wife Maren. He is a fully certified IFMGA Guide from Washington State, USA. After many years with ski and climbing guiding all over the world he settled down in Lofoten with his wife Maren in 2010. With over 20 years working as a mountain guide, he knows exactly how to run a guide operation and is highly respected among colleagues. His friendly being and positive vibe makes him a favorite among guests.

Sjur Hauge
IFMGA & Lead Guide

Sjur has been an active climber and skier for over 25 years. He is a full time employee in Northern Alpine Guide and an IFMGA Guide. He moved to Lofoten to spend even more time on what he likes best; steep outdoor activities. He always travel with either, skis, climbing shoes or axe and crampons. Over the years he's been climbing and skiing in several continents, but he says nothing beats the combination of the mountains and ocean in the Lofoten Islands. He is also an instructor at the Norwegian Guide Association education new IFMGA guides and ski guides.

Stian Bruvoll
IFMGA Guide and youngest knees on the team.

Stian originally comes from Narvik, and lives now in Kabelvåg with his family. He is an IFMGA Mountain Guide and a geologist. Stian has a background in alpine ski racing, and he is a very active climber. He has been traveling the world climbing and skiing and is always eager to get out climbing new routes. It’s impossible not being affected by his stoke, and before you know it he has dragged you out on one of his adventures. Stian has a great passion for alpine climbing and have done several first ascents in the region.

Maren Eek Bistrup
Owner of Northern Alpine Guides.

Maren is part owner of Northern Alpine Guides and has found her paradise in the village of Kabelvåg, Lofoten. She loves the easy access to the amazing terrain in Lofoten with plenty of options to climb and ski. Maren's love for nature, adventure and traveling has taken her all around the world. She is a titled KaosPilot with a bachelor in Innovation, creativity and business development. When she does not have her hands full working with projects or is out on a private adventure she spends time with her daughter Nora and her dog Nanook.

Our People

Peter Howard

Alan Oram


Erica Engle


Vegard Rye


Mark Allen

IFMGA Aspirant

Iriatz Ezkergain

Ifmga Guide

Tim Connelly

IFmga guide

Chris Wright


Sebastian Tallent


Sami Modinius

IFMGA Aspirant

Sami Haapasalmi

Certified Ski Guide

Shane Robinson


Dylan Taylor



Do I have to book online?

No, you can email us your arrival and check out dates, number of skiers, and how many guiding days.  Then we can book you in manually and send you a booking confirmation.

Can I choose start date and length?

Yes, not a problem, but we don’t allow for stays at the lodge for less than 3 nights.

Are customized packages more expensive?

No, they are calculated at the same rates as our trips with designated lengths.

Can we book a day with a boat?

Yes, we can organize boat access skiing when your here.  We book these trips when the weather and conditions are permitting.

How and when do I pay?

You will receive two invoices by email.  The first invoice for the deposit and later for the remaining balance.  You can pay with bank transfer or call in a credit card payment.


Which airport do you suggest we fly to?

We recommend two arrival airports:  Svolvaer or Evenes Narvik. Read our travel advice here.

What kind of rental car should I order?

You need a rental car that has room for everyone in your group and your guide, plus equipment. With that said for groups sizes from 2-3 a station wagon or SUV with ski rack works great.  For groups of 4 or more we recommend a Van or 2 vehicles.

When is the arrival and departure times at the lodge?

You can check into the Lofoten Ski Lodge at anytime… if you arrive in the middle of the night we have a key box so you get your check in information and keys at any hour.  The cabins are ready at 1300 on your arrival day.  Check out is at 1100 or earlier on you check out day.  Feel free to arrive early or late but nice to let us know if your going to make dinner served from 1900-2100 on your arrival date.


Can I get a single room?

Yes, contact us for pricing.

Do I share room?

Yes, with someone in your private group unless you order a single room.

Do you cater for food allergies and/or diets?

Yes we cater for all food allergies and diets.  Make sure to fill out your registration form with the necessary information for our kitchen staff.

Can I travel with my own guided group and stay at the Lodge?

Yes, we have a guest guide program.  Have your guide contact us for a booking.

Can we book a stay without guiding?

You can check into the Lofoten Ski Lodge at anytime… if you arrive in the middle of the night we have a key box so you get your check in information and keys at any hour.  The cabins are ready at 1300 on your arrival day.  Check out is at 1100 or earlier on you check out day.  Feel free to arrive early or late but nice to let us know if your going to make dinner served from 1900-2100 on your arrival date.


Do I really need ski crampons?

Yes! They are required equipment.

Can I rent gear?

Yes, we rent skis with skins and poles plus avalanche rescue equipment.

Do I need an avalanche backpack?

No, but if you have one your free to use it. We don’t rent them out.

What kind of skis should I bring?

Bring a Ski with an underfoot width of 85-105mm, Randonee Bindings, Skins cut to fit, and Ski Crampons.

Skiing & Guiding

When and where do I meet the guide?

You will meet the guide at breakfast the morning of your first ski day.  You guide will come to your table and talk thru the day and plan with you.  Our guides are at a mandatory guides meeting in the morning before breakfast so you can have a mellow nice breakfast and we will come to you.

How long are the days and how much elevation do we ski?

Our days start 0800 - 0830. We customize the day to the weather, snow, and conditions of the group. 

Can I join a group?

No, but you can put your own group together.

Can I join as a split-boarder?

Yes, no problem but remember ski/binding crampons are required.

Weather & Season

How cold is it?

Not that cold.  Average temperature of 0°C to -5°C at sea level.  

When is the best time to come?

From mid February until the end of April.

When is the best time for Northern Lights?

February and March are the best months to see the Northern Lights in Lofoten.

Other Activities

Are there other activities we can do during our stay?

Yes, many options!  Be inspired here:

Can we go fishing?

Yes, we have world class cod fishing in Feb/March.  The reception at the lodge can help you book an after ski fishing trip.

Cancellation Policy

What if I need to cancel my stay?

What happens if the weather stop us from skiing?

After arrival, there are no refunds for bad weather.  Normally we can find a suitable ski tour in all weather conditions.  We will make sure you get a good day even on a day the weather is far from ideal.


Partners & Certification